Asha Kumara

First Impressions

Asha Kumara invites you to experience the forbidden pleasures of India when you visit her homepage and if those pleasures involve seeing her naked body I can see what all the fuss is about. First off, she’s quite beautiful with luscious full lips, perky small tits and a sexy ass. She gets topless on the tour and she seems to be free with her pussy as well so I’m looking forward to some full bush shots. Plus, it’s rare to see such an exotic babe with her own website and the novelty of it all is sure to provide some joy.

Hot Promises

Asha is exceptionally generous on her free tour, which to me is always a sign that she has a quality website to back up her claims. You can look through the latest updates and find that she promises to get fully nude inside. You can also see what she’s added in the video department lately. Asha updates three times a week, although one of those updates is a diary entry so I don’t think that counts. Media wise you get one picture set and one sexy video. This cute Indian babe seems to have a lot going for her and I’m looking forward to seeing more.


Asha Kumara’s site is very well designed. What you saw on the tour carries over to the member’s area. It’s also very easy to use. When you log in Asha greets you with a short message about how she’s going to share her fantasies with you now that you’re a member. It’s well written and it seems sweet, which is what I’m looking for in a girl like this. The most recent photo set and the most recent video clip are listed on the front page along with a short description. One click and you’ll be enjoying the content. You can also catch a brief preview of what will be added next.

The front page also lists the top 10 photo galleries and the top 10 videos, presumably by popularity but it’s not mentioned. The top picture set is called “Veiled Dream” and it features Asha posing in her bed behind a sheer curtain. She’s fully nude and in the first few shots is demurely hiding her lovely body. Soon she drops that pretense and we’re treated to full on pussy shots. The top video is called “Wet Ruins” and features Asha posing in her bikini. She’s near the water and behind her is a large rock outcropping.

The content consists of photos and videos and there are ancillary pages such as Asha’s diary, her biography and a games page to visit. I began with the photo galleries. There are only 23 photo sets at this point in time, but that’s due in large part to the fact that this site is roughly six months old (as of November 11, 2007). That’s not nearly enough time to grow a full collection of content, although I would have expected her to have a little more if she hopes to retain members. Two weekly updates will not be enough for some people.

As you know the galleries are all solo and in most Asha gets completely naked and shows off her beautiful pussy. Asha lives near the beach and that’s reflected in many of her photo sets. She’s often wearing a bikini or a sexy sundress, although she never keeps them on for long. Half of the shoots take place indoors and the other half out and about. Sometimes she appears to be in very public places; so much so that I’m surprised she hasn’t yet run into legal difficulties. Typically Asha plays the part of a teenage babe who likes to pose for the camera. However, there are a few occasions where she dresses in full Indian garb to fulfill the desires of her Indian loving customers.

Most galleries have 30-60 images and they’re high resolution at 1000px. The photographer has a skilled hand so there are no incidents of bad lighting or Asha blinking and ruining a shot (at least none that made it into the galleries). For me there’s one photo set that stands far above the others. In it Asha is posing in an amazing white halter bikini made from a shiny material. Her body looks stunning in the images and the bathing suit is one of the sexiest I’ve ever seen. Put the two together and you’ve got magic.

One of the great things about Asha Kumara is that she updates videos and pictures equally. You almost never find that practice on solo babe sites, presumably because it’s difficult to come up with interesting stuff to do on video. What Asha does is simply shoot a video in each of her photo set outfits, so that white bikini I loved so much can be found in a sexy four minute clip. I originally feared that perhaps these would just be videos of the photo shoots but they’re original productions.

When Asha is indoors the videos are exceptionally erotic as her hands dance all over her lovely body. She tones it down a little when she’s outdoors, but that doesn’t make it less sexy. Her body is hot and watching her display it on video is good stuff. The videos can be streamed or downloaded in Windows Media Player or Real Player. She offers a high, medium and low resolution version of each scene. The videos are typically 4-6 minutes long and on occasion she stretches that to 10 minutes if she’s really into playing.

Asha’s diary entries are worth checking out because she includes pictures with each one. There are only eight entries so far, which means she hasn’t kept up on her promise to update it at least once a week. If you want to know more about Asha’s day to day life then this is the only place to get that information. If you’d like to know a little more about Asha in general you can consult her biography, which is chock full of information, including what made such a cute little Indian girl decide to get naked on the internet. Finally there’s the extras section which offers four wallpapers and a series of fake magazine covers featuring Asha as their model.

Croco’s Opinion

Asha Kumara launched her site less than six months ago and so far she’s doing a terrific job. First and foremost she’s a good looking girl with a knack for looking hot on camera. Second, she’s passionate and playful on camera, especially in her videos when her hands drift all over her body. She adds a new photo set and a new video each week and in time her site will grow into a powerhouse content provider. Right now it’s a little slim with 22 photo sets and 22 videos. They’re asking $27.88 for a month’s membership and I wouldn’t blame you if that sounds too steep. However, Asha is one of the few Indian babes with her own site so if this is your kind of content it’s the only place to experience it.


Asha’s site is exceptionally well designed and easy to use. There’s a bug that prevents the proper dates from displaying which is a minor annoyance.

Pricing Policy

It’s $27.88 per month if you select the rebill option. If not you’ll pay $34.95 for one month or $59.99 for 90 days.

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